We had looked at several condominiums in Prince Andrew Place prior to purchasing a condo. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed at how knowledgeable Greg Ball was with respect to the various characteristics of each of the condos we had viewed over the previous couple of years.
We appreciated the relaxed atmosphere Greg created on the two occasions we visited the condo we ultimately purchased. There was no sales pressure; Greg sensed that we knew what we were searching for and he allowed us to look and ask questions.
On one occasion, we asked Greg a question that he didn’t have an answer for and rather than try and “create” an answer as many sales people (in our experience) do, he admitted he didn’t know, but would find out for us, which he did.
Greg must have very good negotiating skills along with considerable powers of persuasion, he managed to extend the closing date to better suit our needs.
We were very pleased with the professional friendly service we experience and have no hesitation in recommending Greg and Judy Ball to anyone considering a Realtor.

George & Cheryl Peck