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Trust, so hard to earn so easy to lose.
That’s why your trust is a REALTOR’s most prized possession.
We’ll work hard to earn your trust and even harder to keep it.

We start by personally visiting the property, to determine the market value, discuss a proper listing price and review comparable sales in the neighborhood.

Upon listing the property for sale we do a professional photoshoot to best capture your property. This can include top of the line virtual tours, interactive floorplans and high resolution drone shots of the home, lot and waterfront.

These photos are used to market your listing in paper ads, office window displays, multiple websites and top social media platforms.

The property listing is immediately put on dozens of websites, including our highly toured personal website, , along with many, many more to get your property out there as quickly as possible!

We have a very comprehensive ‘Buyers’ database. We have hundreds and hundreds of qualified buyers in an automated online system and upon listing; your feature sheet is emailed out to all our ‘Buyers’ who match the criteria of your property. Anywhere from 5 to 150+ (and growing) potential purchasers will simultaneously receive your feature sheet as soon as it hits the market.

We are one of the strongest marketing agents in the area.

We do extensive advertising in the Kawartha Home and Cottage Guide, including prime front cover ads with 4 blocks, full back page, full inside back page and as many other pages as needed for your ad to be in every publication of the Guide. This is printed bi-weekly, and dropped off at over 500+ locations, every Go Station & TTC Station in the GTA. We watch several hundred distributed weekly from the front of our office alone, this Guide is also available online and attracts massive traffic on a daily basis. We advertise regularly in the Best Homes section of Peterborough This Week. We have the full back page and a front page ad. This paper is delivered weekly and has a huge distribution, we find it a great local marketing tool. You will also find us in several local newspapers, and our popular social media sites including Call A Ball Facebook & Instagram along with Ball Real Estate Facebook & Instagram, where we garner hundreds to thousands of views and interactions on a daily basis.

We attend the Cottage Life Shows, where we display your listing to a wide selection of buyers. We find the show is very productive and starts the spring & season with a bang.

Along with marketing & promotion, we provide you with updated reports to keep you informed as to what is happening with your property and where we have advertised it. Our incredible showing system gives you real time showing requests and direct feedback afterwards, so you are always in the know.

Since we are a mother, son and now granddaughter working together as top waterfront sales agents in area, we can offer the professionalism & knowledge of three generations for the same price as one. Be assured, we offer no gimmicks, just plain old fashion hard work and extensive marketing of your property. When it is all said and done we don’t just want you to be happy, we want you to feel confident in passing our names on to your family and friends. And the only way to do that is to work as hard as we can for you!

If chosen to be your REALTORS®, we would like you to know we take each one of our listings very personally and market them accordingly, until the job is done.

We are very dedicated to our profession and are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Any questions, or inquiries, please do not hesitate to call anytime, at your convenience.

Whatever your decision in choosing a REALTOR®, we wish you the best, and thank you for the opportunity to allow us to be in the running.

Selling Tips

Some suggestions for a faster sale of your home:

  1. First impressions are so important, the front door & greeting area should be clean & free of clutter, bugs, peeling paint etc.
  2. Curb appeal is also very important, keep lawn & shrubs trimmed and tidy, walkways & driveways free of items (i.e. toys, boats, old tires, trailers etc), garage doors, trim & eaves troughs should be clean, secure and painted if required.
  3. Homes should be well maintained, if a room needs painting, paint it! (neutral colours preferred), make minor repairs i.e. tighten loose knobs, lubricate any squeaky hinges, fix leaky faucets, replace broken glass etc.
  4. Repair any water damage from roof or basement water damage is a big turn off to prospective buyers, fix & patch where required, might be as simple as down spouts or caulking.
  5.  Very important to have kitchen and bathrooms shining and clean, organized to maximize space, store seldom used items elsewhere to create more space.
  6.  Bedrooms should appear neat and tidy, closets organized to make them appear larger.
  7. Basements and attics neat and organized to create more space.
  8. All stairways free from clutter.
  9. Most important your home should smell clean, if you have pets you may consider having carpets cleaned, fresh and bright is what sells, try to have all window coverings open, let the sun shine in, lights on, fire burning when appropriate, temperature of home should be desirable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

Moving Checklist

Records to take to the Mortgage Company

  1. Copy of the offer to purchase on the home being bought
  2. Copy of the listing on the home being purchased including a picture.
  3. Salary letters from present employers and/or recent T4 Slips.
  4. Proof of source of down payment: bank book, bonds, RHOSP, letter from person giving money, copy of the sale of your present property, etc.

Records to give to your Lawyer

  1. Deed and survey to your present home (if applicable)
  2. Latest tax bill or tax roll number (if applicable)
  3. Condominium papers (if applicable)
  4. Original mortgage commitment.

Change of Address Cards

  1. Local Post Office Branch
  2. Utility, Gas, Cable, Telephone Companies etc
  3. Magazine & other subscriptions
  4. Employers, friends & relatives
  5. Insurance companies (home, auto, life)
  6. OHIP
  7. Creditors (credit cards, etc)
  8. Banks, stock brokers and investors
  9. Other companies you do business with

Transfer of Records

  1. Children’s School Records
  2. Automobile, driver’s licenses and motor clubs
  3. Doctor, Dentist, Optical Records
  4. Pet’s medical records
  5. Legal documents and Safety Deposit Box

Services to be Started

  1. Telephone Company:  Bell Phone Centre, Lansdowne Place, 645 Lansdowne St W (lower level) 1-800-387-5185
  2. Peterborough Utilities: 748-9300
  3. Hydro One:  1-800-664-9376
  4. Consumers Gas: 1-888-447-4911
  5. Bell Express Vu 1-888-673-3788, Star Choice 1-888-554-7827
  6. Cogeco: 742-9264
  7. Fuel, Oil Company
  8. Transfer or Cancel News Paper deliveries:  Peterborough Examiner 743-4641, The Star 1-416-367-4500, The Sun 1-800-668-078


  1. Transfer or finalize laundry, dry cleaning and diaper services (if applicable)
  2. Transfer or finalize gardening services, garbage collection
  3. Finalize lay-away purchases
  4. Collect stored seasonal tires and maintenance records from Automobile Mechanic