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Chandos Lake

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Chandos Lake

Chandos Lake

Chandos Lake is the largest lake in the Crowe Watershed. Its shoreline is quite irregular, with three large bays: West, South and Gilmour Bays. The lake is drained by Flat Creek, which outlets at the north end of the lake and flows in a northerly direction for approximately 3.2 km before joining the Crowe River. As the name implicates, Flat Creek has little or no gradient.

Water levels on Chandos Lake are controlled by the Crowe River. Fed by springs, the water levels are subject to change depending on what occurs on the Crowe River between Flat Creek and Paudash Lake,

Fish in this lake include; Lake Trout, Cisco, Brown Bullhead, Small mouth and Largemouth Bass, Rock Bass, White Sucker, Yellow Perch, Walleye and Northern Pike.

Vegetation in this lake includes sizeable areas of submerged seaweed in the extreme southwest end and in some of the narrower bays. There is also an abundance of white and yellow lilies.

There are approximately 1200 cottages on Chandos Lake, with all but a few accessible by road.

Latitude: 44
Longitude: 78
Surface Area: 4283 acres
Volume: 183, 219 acre feet
Height Above Sea Level: 1024 feet
Perimeter: 31.5 miles
Average Depth: 14.4m/42.8 feet
Maximum Depth: 47.9m/157 feet
Water Temperature Range: 75 degrees at surface, 42 degrees near the bottom

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